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Jan. 4th, 2019 12:08 am
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This community is a place for MeFites on Dreamwidth to congregate and communicate--if nothing else, this will let us point somebody to the community's reading page so they can see the journals of other MeFites.

Additionally, people with offsite blogs that have RSS/Atom feeds can request I add their blog to [personal profile] metafilter_hub to make them more discoverable to other mefites!
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In case anyone who would be interested missed it, I started a 2019 Hugo Nominees Club on Fanfare. There's two posts so far - both for stuff that's available online: a short stories megapost and On a Sunbeam.  There's going to be rotating novella, novel, and graphic novel posts every Monday, and a Novelette megapost in a month or so.
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This is an evergreen thread which I know I’ll enjoy in a year or more.



Feb. 10th, 2019 02:59 pm
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I went to my first IRL meet up recently. It was fun! Have you gone to one? Have you organized one?
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It occurred to me that I've been having some interesting chats on metafilter, so I thought that I might as well archive a few things here, too.

Over on my blog, I've put up a roundup of some of the thoughtful discussions I've been having on the Blue recently, in case other people found them interesting.

Let me know if this is an inappropriate use of the comm, of course!
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[personal profile] sciatrix posted: the sorrow of my favorite absence

...but wow, having been spending so much time over on MeFi, I really miss the whisperspace of favorites. (I'm stealing that concept off of greywash, who had a really interesting piece about it last week.)

I've got a post about an adjustment about how I miss MeFi-style favorites over here. Thought some of the folks over here might enjoy it, and I definitely think y'all probably have your own opinions. Heh.
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I'm pretty interested in the life of Dilip Singh Saund and am working on a front-page MetaFilter post about him. infini posted partially about him in 2012 but I have found some interesting materials to link to that I think weren't in that post. I would appreciate help framing and editing what I have.

A nonprofit hosts an instance of Etherpad, a collaborative document-editing platform, for anyone to use, so I've started an Etherpad to use in working on this post. There you can see the links and rough sequence I have so far.

I worry that I have a tendency to go on too long and cram too much stuff in to a post on the blue, so I would welcome "here's what I think are the most important/interesting parts here" comments so I can be more concise. Or "this is all great! Making a post that is everything including the kitchen sink is fine!" would also be welcome. Or, if you want to take over and write and post it to MeFi yourself, go ahead! Just speak up here and say you're going to do that, and credit me somewhere in the post.
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